Cejuvenate for animals

Cejuvenate is the only orange peel powder manufacturer in Australia, with the powder being made from orange peels, which is a byproduct from making freshly squeezed juice.

Cejuvenate makes powder for animals.

Cejuvenate also has cold pressed orange oil which is available in food grade and industrial grade.

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Animal health benefits

Cejuvenate orange peel powder is made from Naval and Valencia oranges ONLY, and NOT BITTER ORANGES such as SEVILLE oranges which will swab due to being high in synephrine.

Cejuvenate has been used extensively on standardbreds, thoroughbreds and greyhounds around the world for 7 years WITH NO POSITIVE TESTS.

Cejuvenate is a natural anti-inflammatory which generates blood circulation throughout the body, promotes blood circulation to the joints, and assists in muscle repair due to stress of training and racing.

Cejuvenate is a natural form of Vitamin C and assists in being used as an absorption of iron.

University studies on Cejuvenate have shown that horses and greyhounds fed on 30 grams per day for horses and 5 to 15 grams per day for greyhounds recovered from training and racing quicker than normal by not being on Cejuvenate, due to it being a natural anti-inflammatory, the high levels of bioflavanoids, hesperidin, fibre and yeast that Cejuvenate contains.